In order to be considered for membership, applicants must be current members of the Antique Automobile Club of America and be sponsored by a New Jersey Region member in good standing.  To find out more information about the AACA, join or renew your national membership, please refer to the AACA website.

  • Fill out the form below or if you prefer, you may download a PDF version and mail in.
  • Dues are $20.00 annually, and payment must be received prior to acceptance. You may pay by check or paypal after completing the application
  • Applications received and accepted during the months of October, November and December shall include membership for the succeeding year with no additional fee.
  • If one spouse is a member of AACA, the other automatically becomes a Region member at no additional charge.
  • Any questions should be addressed to Bill Prichett, Membership Secretary – 908-534-9069 

New Membership Application

  • * You must join the national AACA before joining this organization. If you have not yet joined AACA, you may do so here. If you joined but have not received your membership number, fill in with "Waiting for Number" and we will verify with AACA.
  • Family Info

  • If you you would like your anniversary and/or family birthdates noted in our region newsletter, please fill in the information you wish to appear.



Annual Membership Fee: $20

Or if you prefer to pay via check and USPS, make your check paypable to NJAACA and mail payment to:
Bill Pritchett, Membership Secretary
6 Columbine Road
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889